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CFO........... Commission on Filipinos Overseas...

Discussion in 'UK Visa and Immigration Help' started by Aromulus, Nov 23, 2011.

  1. Aromulus

    Aromulus The Don Staff Member

    The Ubiquitous CFO Sticker.............

    Wether we agree with it or not, it is here to stay, lots of people are not aware of its existence and what it stands for, and are regularly sent back from airport departure lounges to obtain one of this magical stickers, that allow the holders to leave Phil................:rolleyes:

    The wife of one of our members was caught out a couple of days ago, and although her EU Family Permit was in order, she got refused exit by the overbearing security, because of this all important bit of paper......

    How do they get one....???
    It is easy for some, but not for a lot of others, as there is a lot of traveling involved, due to the fact that only two places in Pinas are licenced to hold the seminars and issue said stickers.

    The two places are....


    The link to the Website and whatever mission statement they have.

    Plus various other links...

    I would double check the various addresses, just to be on the safe side.
    Ask your mahal to phone ahead of time, to check it out, and what documents are required, also, the fees, and enough money for a shedload of xerox copies.
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  2. Micawber

    Micawber Renowned Lifetime Member

    Good stuff there, and very important.

    I'd just add that the CFO sticker is never released before the validity date indicated on the visa.

    So save the tears and the journey.
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  3. tony.lorefice

    tony.lorefice New Member

    Thanks so much Don Aromolus, I know that my wife she is gonna take her CFO tomorrow because yesterday she missed her flight because we didn't know about that, she told me also that there is also a Tax Immigration which is P1,600 that is 40 dollars, my wife and me we hope that after that FINALLY she will be able to come to me.
  4. KeithAngel

    KeithAngel Well-Known Member Lifetime Member

    The 1600 is tourist departure tax for Filipinos and should not be required if your Wife has an entry visa for residence We have our CFO stickers but the CFO office said she will have to return to the Fils for a stamp if she wants to reside abroad lol luckily she has a tourist visa as well and qa suitcase full of documents
  5. oss

    oss Tech Guy Staff Member

    Errmmm...... just make sure the Docs are in her hand luggage Keith, not checked in luggage!!! :)
  6. Aromulus

    Aromulus The Don Staff Member


    I did brief Jet before she got back home in February about that departure tax, and they still managed to swindle 400piso out of her, even after reading a copy of the directive from the Presidents office that deals with it....
    They have you in a buttty, you have to pay something..........Or else you ain't getting on that plane......

    Be ready even if.............

  7. KeithAngel

    KeithAngel Well-Known Member Lifetime Member

    Yeah im expecting to pay the 1600 x 2 tourist tax plus 750 2 airport tax 4700 piso total for two passengers but i was refering to Filipinas with an entry visa not needing to pay the 1600
  8. craigm

    craigm New Member

    hi, and hello everyone, im new here but im desperate for some advice. my fiancee has got her visa and just today got her CFO. however she has been told she needs a DFA ,she filled in the forms but they say she cant get the sticker until the date the visa is valid from. is this an actual requirement to come to the uk, I have never heard of this DFA before. please help .....
  9. oss

    oss Tech Guy Staff Member

    The DFA is the Philippine Department of Foreign Affairs, in Manila it is just off Roxas Boulevard near Pasay, whatever they have told her they mean that she needs some additional documentation or something from the DFA office.
  10. craigm

    craigm New Member

    thank you for your reply OSS, but is it required before she flys here, she has a dfa stamp from 2011 to australia. and all they are saying is she can not get the stamp before 26th aug which is when her UK settlement visa starts. we really wanted to fly 25th to land in uk 26th. how long has this been a requirement on top of the visa and CFO?
  11. Gorgoeuswifey

    Gorgoeuswifey New Member

    Hi everyone,

    for craigm i hope everything is settled for you and your fiancee. :)
    About the CFO there is a quicker place to get it
    Go at THE GOOD SHEPERD CONVENT 1043 Aurora Blvd. You can apply for CFO for foreign spouses. (SMEF-COW) is inside
    how to get there: take the LRT line2 in gateway mall going Santolan Stop at KATIPUNAN Station North exit turn right to Aurora Boulevard and you'll see a big Green gate.
    P.s. Prepare all the requirements before you go there.
    Have a good day.
  12. michellekilickaya

    michellekilickaya New Member

    Hi.. I havent apply for spouse visa yet, and my passport is expiring soon. Is it alright if I renew my passport without the CFO? Im really confused with this CFO..

    Thanks in advance!
  13. JohnAsh

    JohnAsh Well-Known Member

    The CFO will ultimately issue you with a "sticker" in your passport. So you will need to present them with your passport, with the visa in it before you can leave for the UK.

    By the way, it is possible to phone the CFO. I have, myself, from the UK.

    Last edited: Aug 14, 2013
  14. Aromulus

    Aromulus The Don Staff Member

    Yes, you can apply for a new passport any time you like. As I presume your existing one is still of the old kind and not machine readable.

    You can have your name amended at a later date, after the wedding, as you will need the NSO Marriage certificate as proof.

    The CFO sticker will be placed on your passport after you attended the necessary and obligatory seminar.
    Only then you will be allowed to leave Pinas.

    Welcome aboard.:welcome:
  15. Missy_Me

    Missy_Me New Member

    Hello, I am a newbie here. Last November 12, 2013 I applied for Fiancee Visa with Intention to Marry in UK and last November 26, 2013 I got my Fiancee visa!!! I am now confuse with the CFO thing.. I am planning to go to Cebu branch CFO to attend the seminar and to acquire the sticker however, I also got confused with this smef-cow. Is this also another requirements before I could get this sticker? I just want the final step done so I could be with my Fiancee after being separated for a year. Hope you could help me out guys! Thanks! :)

    PS. This site is very informative and I hope I could meet nice couple in UK when I am there.*fingers crossed* :)
  16. JohnAsh

    JohnAsh Well-Known Member

    My wife used the Manila branch of the CFO. I beleive the process is similar. You need to have all yours and your hubbies info with you as the do ask some questions that the website gives no hint about eg where your husband works, his address etc. And they often ask for a photo of the two of you and divorce papers (copy) if applicable.

    SMEF COW is a branch site of the CFO. St Marys Euphrasia something or other...
  17. Missy_Me

    Missy_Me New Member

    I'm living down south that's why I wanted to just go to Cebu for its convenience. Thank you for the time to respond! :like::like::like:
  18. Markham

    Markham Well-Known Member Lifetime Member

    I would suggest that you don't go to the CFO in Cebu as I'm reliably informed that their seminars are continuing to be conducted by a rather notorious group of nuns. The seminar in Manila is no longer conducted by nuns but by CFO officials and lasts just 2 or 3 hours as against a whole day in Cebu.
  19. Missy_Me

    Missy_Me New Member

    2-3hrs!?! Really? Wow! Well,my fiance and I am planning to travel on Dec 28th and will just take the seminar on the 26th or 27th..but still i doubt if its still working days or already holidays :-(
    Last edited: Nov 27, 2013
  20. JohnAsh

    JohnAsh Well-Known Member

    Are you planning to fly to the UK on 28th December?

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