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Philippines passport renewal

Discussion in 'General Chit Chat' started by Sangoma, Mar 7, 2011.

  1. Sangoma

    Sangoma Banned

    I saw the place for visas for the UK, but no place for the Philippine side of it, so will post here.

    Can anyone describe the exact procedure for renewing a Philippine passport in the UK.

    I know you have to go in person, but when, is it when you apply, or when you collect it, or both?

    How long does the new passport take to arrive (roughly, and asking about the new biometric passports, so recent info is needed)

    We are going to have a very short time to renew my wife's passport, then send the new one to the home office for the ILR to be put in.

    Also, does a Philippine passport have to be valid for a certain time after the return from abroad?

  2. Aromulus

    Aromulus The Don Staff Member

    You will have to attend in person.

    This is what we had to do last year when my wife needed to renew her passport.

    The requirements are to have biometrics taken, for the issue of the new electronically read passport.
    There is no need for appointments, as they wouldn't be respected anyhow, but just feel free to take your ticket and wait till you are called.
    Check online, and bring photocopies of whatever is asked, as you will be asked for some, but cannot remember exactly what.
    The copier in the ante room, is a pain if you haven't got the right change, and there is usually a queue in front of it....:oops:

    We were in and out well within 3 hours, and the waiting time for delivery at home, was about 3/4 week.
    For delivery, don't forget to bring a self addressed, stamped, recorded delivery envelope.
    It saves having to go all the way back to London to collect the passport.

    I believe ILR vignette can be transferred at later date to the new passport at a cost.... :oops:

    In regard to your last question, ie validity of passport on return, I am not sure, but if the FLR is still valid I don't see a problem in re-entering the country.
    But to be on the safe side, UKBA is only a phone call away....
    That is If you have the patience to wait until someone decide to pick the phone up....:frust:
  3. Bluebirdjones

    Bluebirdjones Member

    What I find so stupid is that when they set up the ID card system (with the biometrics on it), it was to basically replace the visas stamped into the Filipino passports.
    Hence, my wife has an ID card confirmed her FLR (and nothing stamped in her passport).

    Now, for the ILR, it's a stamp in her passport, and the ID card will be redundant.
    BUT ..... when she gets her passport renewed, we then will have to send off her new passport to the UBKA to get the ILR visa re-stamped into it !
    Wouldn't it have been easier to retain the ID cards.... and present the ID card with your passport (as the need arises) ?

    ... or am I missing something ?
  4. Sangoma

    Sangoma Banned

    Thanks, that is the answer I needed, from your actual experience it gives me some idea.

    It looks like we will have to buy our air tickets about a week before we leave, I don't want to think about the prices with the oil situation at the moment.The trip is too long to have a baby on your lap, so it will have to be five tickets!
  5. Sangoma

    Sangoma Banned

    One more question, does the Philippine embassy give the old passport back with the new one, or at the time of application, once they have seen and cancelled it?
  6. Aromulus

    Aromulus The Don Staff Member

    The old passport will be returned, especially if still a valid visa is present on it.

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