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Wing Yip - Birmingham / Pinoy Foods - Bull Ring Market

Discussion in 'Filipino/Asian Food Suppliers' started by Kuya, Sep 15, 2010.

  1. Kuya

    Kuya The Geeky One Staff Member


    Wing Yip
    375 Nechells Park Road,
    B7 5NT

    Tel: 0121 327 6618
    Fax: 0121 327 6612
    Email: enquiries@wingyip.com

    - Good variety of Filipino condiments and anything asian.

    Pinoy Foods
    unit 53
    the indoor market
    bull ring

    - owned by a friendly Filipina, good place to meet new Filipino/Filipina friends!
  2. Bigtombowski

    Bigtombowski Pinaka Gwapo

    Wing Yip has everything you could want ... although the last time I was there the sign said "Phillippino foods" ... ne'ertheless ... does the job.
  3. Micawber

    Micawber Renowned Lifetime Member

    Wing Yip at Cricklewood is pretty good. The Dim Sum restaurant is great, but too busy on a Sunday. Very easy to find.
    I had loads of trouble trying to find Wing Yip in Brum.

    I think it's a little expensive nowadays. Just my thinking.

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